TIW Customers Willing to Pay Green Flight Tax

(PRWEB) January 16, 2007 — Visitors to the travel insurance website, Travel Insurance Web (http://www.travelinsuranceweb.com) were asked if they were happy to see a green surcharge added to their travel costs, which would offset the carbon footprint of burning jet fuel. Over 61 percent of respondents were happy to do so.

A debate has been taking place for some time in the public domain over the best way for consumers, and corporations alike, to curb the emission of green house gases.

The revenue gathered from this green tax would be put toward companies or organisations that are researching and developing renewable and sustainable technologies. Whether this is the best way forward is still fiercely controversial.

Graham Linney, Marketing Director of Travel Insurance Web:

“Our customers clearly see that discretionary travel has an environmental impact.

“While they might not be giving up leisure travel, rightly so in my opinion, they can at least nullify the impact this may have. Our customers are typically financially shrewd, but it seems many of them are prepared to absorb the cost for what they see as a justifiable reason. A ‘green levy’ to offset carbon emissions from holiday travel seems to be a concept people understand.”

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