Cash for Your Iraq Dinar Now at Select CHASE Banks in USA

dollars for iraqi dinarAll Oklahoma City OK CHASE Banks and select locations in Houston, Texas will accept your Iraq dinar for exchange near Central Bank of Iraq rates. The day has come.Iraq Dinar online research alliance has discovered and verified by phone that CHASE bank has both guns blazing in the Iraq investment area.

Cash for your Dinars today at Major USA Banks.

Persons who have questions about Iraq including the media will want to scour this Press Release as the 2nd largest question about Dinar is now answered. When can I cash my dinars in locally such as a major USA Bank?
CHASE Bank put this question to rest.

Undercover Alliance Member Verifies Truth

First name Jason, he is one of our 2900+ Iraq Dinar Alliance members, 80% of which own Iraq Dinar report the following to the Online Iraq Research Alliance Darren Chabluk, Director of Research-

“I took a 10,000 note to CHASE and acted like I was going to (cash it in) and they looked it up in their computer and said they were authorized to exchange it now but they are only giving .00068 for it.

($680/million dinar)
Any branch in Oklahoma city and most branches in Houston.
The phone number to the branch I went to is 405-378-0006 and ask for Becky Ayers or Mariah.”
The address of the bank Jason went to is 11920 South Western OK City, OK. 73170
Cashing in now and in the future is a done deal.
Who would want to cash in now you may ask?

It is not advised says Darren Chabluk, a former U.S. Treasury Registered Dinar dealer acting on behalf of the investors best interest.

“Buy Dinar if you want, but not more than you can afford to loose.
Were dealing with a high risk, yet high potential for return”,
said Mr Chabluk in an early morning interview.

Critics: Hung buy the Tongue
– Civil War Scare is now an accepted fallacy since the Alliance has claimed civil war in Iraq for 3 years running already.

And things are in fact looking up – “Cutting off zeros (from Dinar Banknotes) will not happen”, said the Governor of Iraq contrary to the Finance Ministers suggestion.

Thousands of foreign workers would leave Iraq overnight in such case.
Besides, Iraq is one of the richest with oil and THE richest with natural gas supply.
Dinar has a foundation to grow on.
-Cashing in Dinar in the USA is huge thanks to CHASE Bank, they have a strong presence in the hearts of Iraqis.
Inside and outside of Iraq.
Becky and Mariah from CHASE bank on South Western OK City, OK both agree-
“The phone at the bank keeps ringing”, Iraq Dinar online Research Alliance members report after Darren Chabluk sent out a news blast to the entire news hungry investors and critics.

Media are invited to contact Darren Chabluk directly for interviews and information on the topic of Iraq investing and Iraq.
Direct Line: 1-866-828-1991 Other helpful information on this release and free membership to the online Iraq Dinar Research Alliance can be found at:
Contact Information Darren Chabluk 1-866-828-1991

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